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Fish on Friday

Adrian's friday evening radio programme continues to go out courtesy of ErrisFM. In the Erris area, you can catch it on 90.8fm. Anywhere else in the world, you can hear it online at
Join Adrian every friday between 1700-1800 (utc+1)
It's a good way to ease yourself gently into the weekend.


Sonatina for organ pedals (six feet)

The following write-up appeared in Music and Vision back in 2008, following a multi-player organ recital at Derby Cathedral:
"Adrian Vernon Fish's Sonatina for pedals, six feet, is the sort of thing that could be embarrassingly unfunny. But the humour of the outer movements is sufficiently quirky to avoid the trap, while the middle one sounds a note of genuine wistfulness."



Mr Walker and his adventures are the subject of a new series of poems for all the family, by Charles Luxford. Illustrated by Andrew Prewett, and with music by Adrian, Mr Walker hopes to hit the shelves before too long. Indeed, the first two e-books are now available from, for Kindle. They are without music, sadly, but Mr Walker hopes to get into the recording studio with a narrator and orchestra during 2012.

Scores of thirteen of the poems are now available (scored for narrator and small orchestra):
Introducing Mr Walker (4 mins)
Mr Walker joins a Choir (8 mins)
Mr Walker's Winter Tale (12 mins)
Mr Walker finds a Tank (3.5 mins)
Mr Walker goes Rowing (10 mins)
Mr Walker and the Cricket Match (9 mins)
Mr Walker's Day at the Seaside (9 mins)
The Epic Tale of Mr Walker's Flyaway Tent (15 mins)
Mr. Walker at the Gallery (8 mins)
Mr. Walker goes West (23 mins)
M. Walker a Paris (8 mins)
Mr. Walker buys a Tandem (10 mins)
Mr. Walker buys a lap-top (11 mins)
Mr. Walker goes on a Voyage (9 mins)

There will be more than 30 stories set with music eventually. It's a huge task, so promises of performances in concerts will be very welcome. They're ideal for family concerts, Christmas programmes and so on. Please form an orderly queue. Mr Walker will thank you warmly, as will Adrian, author Charles and illustrator Andrew (whose pictures will look wonderful in back-projection at a concert!


Utterly unreliable A to Z of music

Adrian's "Utterly Unreliable A-Z of Music" is now available, published by Kevin Mayhew Ltd at £9.99.

One reader contacted Adrian, saying that the book should be compulsory in all school and college libraries. Come on all you librarians and teachers out there!

Just one thing: have you discovered the one mistake in the book that guarantees its Utterly Unreliable status? There are no prizes, sorry, but do let me know if you've found the false definition.



Adrian's name and private email address have been "purloined" to use, it seems, in some kind of lottery scam. If you get an email from someone purporting to be Adrian Vernon Fish, PLEASE IGNORE and DELETE IMMEDIATELY. If you can, please report such things to whoever is relevant.


Couperin for orchestra

Adrian's orchestration of Francois Couperin's lovely Messe pour les Couvents, is now available. Adrian has adhered as closely as is feasible, to the soundworld of a French organ. He even specifies the use of an ophicleide in preference to a tuba, in order to acknowledge the coarser sound of French pedal reeds. (Duration 35 min)


Lost manuscripts

Several of Adrian's manuscripts have been lost over the years. You will see from the catalogue of works which ones are missing. If you should ever turn up a copy of these pieces, or know someone who has a copy, please let Adrian know.



Adrian's music and editions are published by

Kevin Mayhew Ltd
Royal School of Church Music,
Creative and Expressive Arts in Education
Atuakkiorfik (Greenland Publishers)
Sermersuaq Edition (Adrian's own edition)


Cartoon by Kris

Thanks to Chris Burchell (Kris) for his cartoon. Adrian had a beard for a few years, but that was shaved off in October 2007, so he looks even more like the eejit above!


Rachmaninov for depression!

The above is an anagram of "Adrian Vernon Fish - composer." Whether Sergei causes or salves depression, is open to interpretation...... If you can better that, let me know!


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