Adrian Vernon Fish
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1991 May 13th to June 2nd Sisimiut kirke, Ilulissat (Zionkirke), Aasiaat (Egedeskirke)
Sponsors: Kamal Aasiaat Aps, Aleck Crichton, St Muredach's Cathedral Ballina, Sisimiut Kommuneat, Aasiaat Kommuneat, Ilulissat Kommuniat
1994 February 12th to March 3rd Nuuk (Hans Egedes Kirke), Aasiaat (Egedeskirke)
Sponsors: Kamal Aasiaat Aps, Knud Aborg, Nuup Kommunea, Aasiaat Kommuneat
1995 March 26th to May 1st Nuuk (Hans Egedes Kirke), Nuuk (Frelses Kirke), Ilulissat (Zionkirke), Aasiaat (Egedeskirke), Kitsissuarsuit Kirke, Qaanaaq Kirke
Sponsors: Winston Churchill Memorial Trust, Avanersuup Kommunea, Peter von Staffeldt, Nuup Kommunea, Frank Sørensen, Aasiaat Kommuneat, Kamal Aasiaat Aps
1997-1998 December 12th to January 6th Nuuk (Hans Egedeskirke) (for Greenland Television), Nuuk (Frelses Kirke), Nuuk (Katuaq Kulturip Illorsua)
Sponsors: Nuup Kommunea, Katuaq, Jan and Heidi Kløvstad, Atuagkat
1998 March 30th to April 17th Tour with Rosemary Turner (soprano): Nuuk (Katuaq), Nuuk (Frelses Kirke), Aasiaat (Egedes Kirke), Aasiaat (Gammeqarfik)
Sponsors: Katuaq, Jan and Heidi Kløvstad, Kamal Aasiaat Aps, Nuuk Imeq, Ilulissat Kommuniat
2000-2001 December 28th to January 26th Aasiaat (Egedes Kirke), Aasiaat (Avannaani ilinniarnertunngorniarfik), Akunnaaq Kirke, Nuuk (Katuaq), Nuuk (Frelses Kirke)
Sponsors: Greenlandair, Sømandshjemmet Aasiaat, Nuuk Kommune, Aasiaat Kommuneat, Atuagkat
2002 February 20th to March 23rd Tour with Charles Luxford (Bass-baritone): Nuuk (Qassi), Nuussuaq (Nuussuup atuarfia), Aasiaat (Egedeskirke), Aasiaat (Avannaani ilinniarnertunngorniarfik), Akunnaaq Kirke
Sponsors: Kamal Aasiaat Aps, Avannaani ilinniarnertunngorniarfik, Sømandshjemmet Aasiaat, Thomas and Vibeke Sybrandt, Beth and Søren Søndergaard
2003 June 20th to July 17th Narsaq Kirke, Nuuk (Katuaq), Nuuk (Hans Egedes Kirke), Aasiaat (Egedes Kirke), Akunnaaq Kirke, Kitsissuarsuit Kirke
Sponsors: Aasiaat Kommuneat, Narsap Kommune
2004 March 8th to April 6th Tour with Genevieve Usher, soprano: Narsaq Kirke, Nuuk (Katuaq Cultural Centre), Nuuk (Nuussuup Atuarfia), Nuuk (Frelses Kirke), Aasiaat (Avannaanni Ilinniarnertunngorniarfik)
2005 March 12th to April 9th Tour with Michael Fish, children's ambassador: Nuuk, Aasiaat and nearby settlements
Sponsors: Government of Greenland Culture Fund
2006 June 12th to July 15th Concerts: Frelsers Kirke, Nuuk (organ recital, shared with Choir NIPE), Katuaq, Nuuk (piano recital) and Avanaanni Ilinniarnertuunngorniarfik, Aasiaat (piano recital)
Sponsors: Greenland Tourism A/S
2010 March 25th to April 14th Adrian's first trip to Greenland with his wife, Mezzo-soprano Margaret Probyn. Only 1 of 6 concerts materialized due to many unfortunate reasons. However, the one concert actually given, in Nuuk, was shared with choir NIPE conducted by Per Rosing.
No sponsors. Any offers for next time? Please????

Thanks also to Julia Pars, Susanne Keiding (Copenhagen), Per Rosing and Paivi Niemi (Nuuk), Birger Lundholm (Aasiaat), Knud Aborg (Aasiaat), The Bishop of Greenland, Sofie Petersen and Christian Tindemand, Inger Hauge, Preben Lind Jensen, Helene and all at Soemandshjemmet Aasiaat, Soeren Soendergaard Hansen (Nuuk), Soeren and Charlotte (Copenhagen), Rolf and Vivi Mueller (Oelstykke), Halfdan Pedersen and Birthe Koelle (Aasiaat) and many more ... they know who they are. Grateful thanks to them all. You're all great friends.

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